What’s Between Unarmed and Armed?

For decades, security response was limited to two types with vastly different (and risky) results: armed or unarmed. Now there is an INTERMEDIATE choice: a safe, effective non-lethal defensive option that is changing the way security teams respond and prepare for incidents. The Pro V2 is recommended for security patrols as an alternative to unarmed security and a non-lethal supplement to armed security in any workplace.

Download: A New Force Option - Intermediate Response

We’re your back up with layered defense and communication built-in.
Best-in-class incident detail, just ask ASIS International and Campus Safety Magazine – both have awarded us.
Prominent gear on officers facilitates less confrontation, keeping aggressors in check.
Protect your top talent with equipment that helps them do the best job possible.


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Who Is Using Pro V2 For Intermediate Response?

THIS HOSPITAL’S SECURITY STAFF used Pro V2 to gain compliance from a threatening patient, averting a potential violent incident. That’s what happens when officers are equipped to respond with confidence.
EVENT SECURITY officers patrolling a major sports event discovered individuals attempting to break into cars. The Pro V2 controlled the situation and later ended a false use-of-force claim.
YOUR CLIENTS who have concerns about their security teams being equipped to handle incidents with less risk and injury are choosing the providers who offer the Pro V2.
GOVERNMENT BUYERS can now streamline purchases of Pro V2 products to security providers at agencies where a non-lethal response is needed.


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